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@cowboy sam wrote:

@MyShadowLove wrote:


@cowboy sam ...I didn't know that you also had your own very precious "Shadow" adorable Chihuahua...They can be hyper little devils and are so cute...Many of our neighbors are animal lovers and most have small dogs...various kinds and, whenever I'm out in my yard or just taking a walk and I come across a neighbor walking their dog, I tend to run up and greet their dog first...LOL






I do the same thing..when walking i do the same thing...start talking to the doggie🤗 first before greeting the


My shadow was the perfect gentleman when he was alive...never over active!


But he must have sensed over the 14 years he lived that he needed to be calm for me.🤗😏Heart..over my getting older lol

      We never forget our deceased pets do we?Heart🤗Heart


       lubs ya!Heart



@cowboy sam ...No, we definitely don't...They become our precious furry family members...filling our homes with so much unconditional love, loyalty, warmth, smiles and laughter and are always there for us...They  leave their paw prints on our hearts forever...I am finding it especially hard with Shadow...She was very special in so many ways and her loss is the deepest. Heart


And, yes, they do sense everything about us and so, as time went on,  your own very precious Shadow was slowing down for herself as much as she was slowing down for you...You were in perfect alliance with each  Heart 




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when there is renovation - unless u move out - there is NO protection

just from the leak my brother fixed - there was dust bc he went through the floor

- my nose was burning from inhaling that and the cleaners i kept using to clean


i'm looking but it is overwhelming 

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i know what @cowboy sam is eating 

good fudz from sweet neighbor


wonder if @Mj12 is grilling

she never did tell sam what she made and sam needs to know

how are u feeling?? ❤️

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@Yahooey : After church we went to the restaurant that has the robots with scary eyes.Our  waiter kept trying to move around the robot but the robot would step in the same direction. Finally the waiter got behind the robot and move it to the corner of the room. He was mad and frustrated.

I ordered the Mongolian chicken that was served with vegetable fried rice, egg roll and egg drop soup. Everything was delicious.

We have had rain and thunder storms today. I have been lazy and just watching movies. DH is in his tv room watching basket ball.

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thanks @SouthernBee for letting me know what u ate

it does sound delish


sunny and high of 60 today

planted a few sugar snap peas into the ground

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Good morning everyone, I've had problems signing in with my laptop but using my phone at the moment. I have a medical test in a few minutes but wanted to say hello on this bright sunny day. 😊

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sending good vibes @JaneMarple ❤️

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ai iz back and a few $$ less in my pocket


extracted and temp was put in

followup in a week

perm tooth in a few months


i bought myself some sunflowers bc they are joyous 


zoe was NOT impressed

she dinks flowers should smell and look like toona


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Screen Shot 2023-03-27 at 12.51.54 PM.png

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afternoon @JaneMarple @SouthernBee @MyShadowLove @cowboy sam @Mj12 

@geezerette @Drythe @dooBdoo @loveschocolate 


u dink my other teeth won't play with the new one?


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glad you got your tooth taken care of and get new one soon...will you name it????

Lubs your pretty sunflowers even if zoe ignores...whitch is a good thing right? she won't try to eat them!Smiley Very Happy


Me had google maps showing where i live when i had a  order shipped from don't like anyone to see where i live..i'm a old cratchidy gal...don't spy on me!Smiley Frustrated


So, i had to find out where google hid it on my moto tracfone and  on my computer  and turn it off!Smiley LOL doesn't need any more brain solving problems today...i'm

done!Smiley SurprisedSmiley LOL


I hear a piece of chocolate cake and vanilla latose free ice cream calling me!Smiley Very Happy


lubs ya!Heart

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