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@dooBdoo  Just read your post. I hope you are feeling better today. The weather alone can make us feel bad but to not feel well aside from the weather, yuck!

Sending you soft hugs and kisses and wishes to feel much, much better, if not all better tomorrow.🤗❤️💋

Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life.
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@dooBdoo wrote:

@cowboy sam wrote:

Dear predsHeart and friendsHeart


I didn't get out of my jammies at all  today as its been a light rainy day  and felt sleepy all day.


lubs ya!Heart


Me, too, @cowboy sam!   Jammies and hiding under the soft cotton patchwork quilt my grandmother made.

I've been feeling sick for a few days, and we've had two or three days of storms and really heavy rain off and on, and jammies just seemed best.

lubs ya, too!❤️




Yep, same here.  Impending storms always kick off my migraines. 🤕😭  A little better today, so I'm stumbling around trying to get stuff done before I have to go out into the world tomorrow.


Hope you're feeling better soon!🤞🙏❤️





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the kitty is soooooooooooooo cuteSmiley Happy


  and love the captionHeart




lubs ya!Heart

preds 06-21-20
"Always be thankful andyou'll have more than you know."
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@Bri369 : Yea- special night with your Dad and family.🤗❤️

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@Bri369 : Beautiful cake and now I want cake.

@Bri369 wrote:



Of course there was cake.  LOL


A canoli cake, of course.  That's his favorite.  We had 2 canoli cakes in the same week.  


See the source image


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@Yahooey wrote:



yes - now i remember u mentioning the cannoli cake earlier


what exactly is it - it looks so good



It's vanilla sponge cake with canoli filling in between.  It has whipped cream frosting on the outside.   

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@cowboy sam : Just made me physically and mentally worn out trying to do research and make a decision about the phone. The new phone will be 5 inches bigger. I didn't want a bigger phone. I find it interesting that my two friends trying to get me to purchase what the have but they are fussing and complaining that they like their new phones but not the bigger size.😳😁.

I try to enjoy every day and do what ever I can to limit the stress and stay away from problems or irritating people.🤗❤️



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from the base of my palm to the tip of the middle finger is 6.5 inches 

i have never met anyone with smaller hands than mine


my fingers are normal size and getting fatter but the length of my fingers are short

i dont wear gloves with fingers cuz i dont fill them out

i wear fingerless mitts which i prefer anyway


i have a hard time opening wide mouth jars bc i can't grip it easily in my hands


when i bought my water bottle - i had to test that it fits comfortably in my hands


i can hold the phone fine - i do like the large display


there are things that stick to the back of the phone for easier grip

i have never used them but have seen them


waving hello with my teeny hands


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@loveschocolate wrote:

@Bri369 wrote:

Today is my dad's 90th birthday.  Another July baby Smiley Happy


We are going over to his house and play cards.  He told us to plan on staying late.  LOL

@Bri369 , happy belated Birthday to your dad! 🎉❤️

@Bri369, I am sorry I forgot to mention your dear father’s 90th birthday.  That is so wonderful to reach that milestone, and it is an event you will always treasure.  Wish him the very best from me (and the rest of our merry band here) and give him a smooch!