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@cowboy sam wrote:



Wow! Good for you alsoSmiley Happy


 i found it was easier do do my walk today..body was happy and not sore.


lubs ya

It get easier and you get stronger.Glad you aren't sore.

lubs ya too!

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@cowboy sam  Hi, hi.  Donuts, White chocolate covered Macaroons, Rugelach, 2 loaves bread and a few mini rolls. 😘

Forgot, also bought some rainbow cookies and apple strudel.

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@Preds  I hope you had a good day and praying you have an even better night. You kick some as. if you feel like it! 

Miss you soooo much.🙏❤️💋💋💋💋


@loveschocolate   How are you? I haven't seen you for a couple of days. I hope you're alright.😘

Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life.
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@loveschocolate @Preds @Yahooey @cowboy sam @dex @Coquille @momtochloe @Bri369 

@Mj12 @PamfromCT @Tique @dooBdoo & Everyone!



Just checking in to see how everyone is doing and I'm happy to see that all is well and that our Preds is comfortable and enjoying her diet coke and bacon! Heart


I took a little break from the forums which I tend to do from time to time and we are getting ready to have a couple of major projects done here...some outside work involving our front walkway and also our deck area and stairs.


We have been venturing out a little...very carefully...took a couple of drives to the shore area and checked out some of our favorite areas...We just plan to keep a close eye on how everything goes over the Summer and into the Fall and see where our comfort level takes us.


Sending ((((((((Hugs)))))))) To Everyone! Heart





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It is with a sad heart that our beloved Cindy/Preds, passed gently into God's arms this evening.


I have no words but, I am sure all you wonderful and caring ladies will.


I will always remember how she knew exactly what to say and the kind way she comforted many of us.


Godspeed Cindy. 

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I am saddened to read this and my heart goes out to her family and all who knew and loved her.  

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Thank you @Gooday and @loveschocolate (Q crew) and all the ladies here.


My heart is heavy.  It is fitting that she chose today....Father's Day as she loved her daddy so much.  She is with him and her sweet Buster.


We are so much better off knowing her and having her in our lives.  I have no more words.  Rest in peace my dear friend.

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Preds HeartHeart Heart

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I am filled with sorrow.  I am already missing her like crazy.

She was an amazing person, and I feel so blessed to know her.  Rest in God’s arms, my dear.  Heaven is so lucky to have you.  Wishing comfort to her family, her many devoted friends.