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We have a whole house generator...I welcome power outages.

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@ID2 wrote:

We have a whole house generator...I welcome power outages.


@ID2,  I hope when you are welcoming power outages your home is the only one affected. 

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I put  5 sternos in a steel pot and put  cookie cooling rack on top...with a smallish covered pot..It does heat water for tea or cocoa but it takes a while...I always have cooked chicken etc. in the freezer/ can eat cold chicken but you can't eat raw...Always have a few hard boiled eggs for DH...Just in case.


I also keep a couple of large clean litter pails with water and a little bleach so it doesn't get moldy..for flushing.

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@ID2 Same here - a whole home Generac and wouldn’t be without it.
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We have a whole home generator. We lost power many times on Monday during a wet freeze we are not used to. Our generator battery had gone out, too late to fix one night. I gathered all my candles & lit for heat & light. I also heated many pots of water & stored them in insulated cups. We were only out overnight from 10 to 6 in the morning. It wasn’t life threatening but very uncomfortable. We will be checking on our generator more closely in the future. It’s a huge blessing we invested in years ago.