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A local nursing home with 400 residents has had 19 of them + 3 staff test positive for the virus, with many test results still pending.  It's a high rise building right in the heart of Albuquerque.  Two residents have already died.

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Another very bad situation.


There are a lot of them, unfortunately.

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So sorry to hear this terrible news. I will be thinking of the residents and their families, and all victims of this monstrous virus!


I am hoping for a vaccine ASAP!

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Local nursing home here has 51 residents and 6 staff positive. 2 dead. And a bunch of test results still pending.
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@Kachina624 praying

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The problem is that in many states the government is mandating that nursing homes take COVID pts as a way to get pts out of the overfilled hospitals.

This is a recipe for disaster.  Taking pts sick with COVID and placing them in the homes of our most frail and vulnerable population.  Bad idea.

I read this morning that in a few counties the family members are pushing back (fighting back) and saying find a hotel, cruise ship, field hospital, etc BUT NOT a nursing home!


Who in the WORLD thought that was going to end well.