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On January 27th to 55 cents (up from 50 cents now). 


Just a heads up, if you're a person who uses stamps.

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I'd like to know how they justify this increase with transportation costs so low now.  Ever see the salaries the Usps executives make?

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It's still a bargain!


(I wouldn't do all that work for well under a dollar.)

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I use a lot of stamps, and have already bought half the amount I want to buy before the increase.   

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Buying stamps now!  Thanks, @gidgetgh

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@insomniac2 wrote:

It's still a bargain!


(I wouldn't do all that work for well under a dollar.)




its only a bargain if the service is excellent, which it isnt unfortunately.

this has been a bad year for our usps service......lost mail, late mail, mail delivered that isnt ours, 5 windows available with only one person on duty, long lines, and it seems like the GOOD postal workers are retiring.

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Thanks.  I just bought a roll today.

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I think 55 cents a stamp is pretty expensive so I just bought several as well.



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I didn't even know it was up to $0.50 until I bought them for my Christmas cards.  I guess I had a big enough supply since the prior increase.   I'll have to  stock up again!

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In the realm of things, five cents isn't bad.  Having said that, it's probably not going toward things that impact customers.  It will end up driving more customers to pay bills online.


I planned ahead and bought a couple extra books of stamps.  That should last a long while.