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What happened to Beauty IQ???   It's now Cook Takeover??  Is this temporary or permanent?? 

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I don't watch Beauty IQ but i am sorry they are changing it up for you.................

But i have noticed that even on the reg QVC channel and Q2 they are inserting more AM and PM Style shows and most of the time they have at least half of these shows presenting beauty products......I am thinking this is their way of AGAIN showing many many more hours of beauty

products to the audience.................i guess it must be paying off...............but all this switching around of hosts, etc

is some kind of shake up...not sure if it is working though...

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I think it might be temporary since today is a holiday.

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I noticed this today, I usually check the tsvs for the day....

my take after devoting hours before Christmas to gift stuff  perhaps the sales are better than re=runs of of BiQ during the day.

wonder how long Bi Q will last

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@ruthbe I noticed it too, but wasn't sure it was an Apple TV thing. I love it. 

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They should rename the channel.

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today is Jan. 26 and they are still doing it!'

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I read the cooking event only goes through today, January 27.

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Whose brillant idea was it to put a 24 hr cooking show on a beauty channel.  Bring cab the Beauty products.  I love Elise Ivy's presentations.


Also I hate that they are crossing over brands from QVC to HSN.  Leave well enough alone QVC.  You are starting to annoy me.