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We knew exactly what car, model, and color we wanted.  My husband sent the specs over the phone to three dealers and told them he would buy the one that came back with the lowest price. The car was delivered to the front door the next day.  We are sure we got the best price.


Wow, talk about service.  I never heard of a car be delivered to your door, let alone the day after you phoned in an order. Don't you have to pay for a car first?

You don't think they can hand a check to the delivery person the same way they can at the dealership? 

We've bought a lot of cars.  There was a lot more paperwork involved than just handing a check over. Registration at motor vehicle and insurance took time too.  We've never been able to pick-up a car in less than 24 hours.  Maybe our car dealership is slow or maybe they are just busy. We've been dealing with the same dealer since the mid 1980s.  They have never offered to deliver the car to our home.

We have purchased many cars and preowned.  It only took about 15 minutes to sign some papers and go over the ins and outs of the car. The dealer does the registration and we take care of insurance over the phone.


i paid cash for a car and was in and out in just a few minutes... I just handed over the check.  I test drove the car the day before.


Everything today is done on the internet and the results are there in an instant.

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We bought our Traverse last year in the morning and came back in the afternoon and picked it up.

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Re: Ordering a Car Online

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You havent seen these car "vending machines" buy your car online....

Find the car that fits your life using one of our nine dynamic filters. Take it for a virtual spin and inspect all of the features and imperfections. Head to the details tab to get all the specifics of your vehicle and access a free vehicle history report. 

If you would rather pick up your vehicle than have it delivered, you can visit a Carvana Vending Machine.....



Image result for ordering a car from a vending machine


Image result for ordering a car from a vending machine




Image result for ordering a car from a vending machine


Image result for ordering a car from a vending machine


Image result for ordering a car from a vending machine

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Ten years ago went to the dealership, signed the papers to lease a car and drove it home shortly after, the same day. DS went to the dealer, was going to buy used, saw a new car he liked, took a test drive, signed some papers, called the insurance company and drove it right home, all within a couple of hours. That was 5 years and 120K miles ago.

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Ordering a car on line?  New car?  From whom?  Used car? Same question.


I hate dealing with car dealers and car salesmen.  I've owned enough cars to know what I'm looking for.  If I could order one directly from the factory, I'd probably do it.  But any other source?  I'll pass.

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I bought my car online from a local dealer.  I was looking for a 2017 Camry in red or black as the 2018 were rolling in.  I called him and gave him my credit card number to hold the car until I could get there and to have it washed and ready to go.  I never test drove it as Virginia has a revocation period.  I'd rather drive it for a few days on the highway to work to make sure it ran well than drive it around the corner for 15 minutes.

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I have to admit, this thread has been a real eye opener for me.  Maybe we always go to the car dealer because my husband LOVES to go to the showroom and lot.


Thank you for all the (valuable) information for next time.

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My son lives in Dallas and bought a SUV from Carvana a few years ago. Awesome service and transaction. They brought the vehicle right to his door. He has never had a problem with it.

Just do your research when not dealing local and hopefully anyone buying online will have a good experience also. Make sure of the guarantee and get everything in writing upfront.


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Can't imagine buying a used car - or pre-owned - from a private party (or dealership) and not taking it to a professional mechanic. I see car-buying problems on Judge Judy and Judge Marilyn all the time. The car looks good - but it has major problems. How do u just look at a car and buy it???? It also could have been in a flood (yes - scammy dealers sell those as well).