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Anyone else excited to watch the Olympics starting next week?

What's your favorite event?
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Figure skating.

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I enjoy the skating but kind of miss some of the "old days" when there wasn't so much emphasis on how many jumps a skater could do!


i really like the toboggan, luge and curling events.

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ice skating, toboggan, and some skiing as well......

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Very excited for the Olympics to start! I like seeing snowboarding and bobsled--two things I would way too scared to ever do!
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Never watch Olympics.

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Figure skating is my favorite.


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Nope. Not planning on watching any of it.

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@tototwo  No, I'm not "excited."  Looking forward to the figure skating although I have no expectations that a U.S. woman will take home a medal.  Maybe Nathan Chen but that is not a sure deal.  


Otherwise, I'll watch to kill time if nothing else is on.



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Very, very excited!


Looking forward to some of the less high profile or "glamorous" events, like speed skating, ski jumping, cross country skiing and the biathlon.  The athletic skills are amazing and awe-inspiring.