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Does anyone like the taste of something that normally would not go together.


One of mine is day old Pizza/wtoppings and hot tea/whazelnut creamer.

My late mother always ate leftover meat loaf sandwitches with grape jam.



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I love applesauce with my chipotle cheese brats.  Delish!

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Re: Odd Food Combos

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My youngest daughter likes a coffee/chai tea hot drink called a "dirty hippie." How she can drink both together is beyond me, it's one or the other. LOL

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Oh my word @pommom and @Golden_Oldie.  Those are some very peculiar combos! 

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Cold baked beans and saltine crackers.

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@pommom  @Golden_Oldie @MyGirlsMom


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My mother would scramble eggs and onions in butter and serve them on a sandwich made with toasted bread with mayo.


Sounds awful, but tastes delicious.  My husband calls them Dottie Sandwiches after my mother.


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I don't know if this odd, but all my life after Thanksgiving I have looked forward to a sandwich of cold turkey on bread spread with miracle whip and homemade cranberry-orange relish. I also love cream cheese, preserves (preferably bitter marmalade from England)' and a sprinkle of pecans rolled up in a lettuce leaf. 

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Sometimes I'm in the mood to put Red Plum Jam on my tuna salad. Zips it up a notch! 

I can eat most foods cold right out of the fridge. I often don't warm up spaghetti, chili, whatever. I can't eat everything cold,mashed potatoes are an example...I have to heat them up.

But cold chili on crackers is like a dip.

Love mayo with leftover cold bbq meats.

Let's just say I like to experiment. LOL

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I like peanut butter and carrots.