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When I was in high school my favorite after school treat at my favorite hang out, was yellow mustard on potato chips and an RC cola.

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@Candyapple wrote:
Leftover cold pizza and milk when I was a kid, not now.

Sardine sandwiches with mayo and cheese

Sardines on crackers with mustard

Delicious stew containing organ meats -- gizzards, liver, hearts

Cream cheese spread on chunks of soppresata with any kind of nuts on top

Fig jam spread on chunks of muenster cheese

I agree about the Miracle Whip. It tastes like mayonnaise that turned sour. Disgusting!

     OK, you win.  You have listed many of my 'can't eat' items.   Smiley Wink


     Sardines, organ meats, cream cheese (I can't say YUK loud enough), 

     figs and soppresata.   Add to that mushrooms, green peas and rare

     prime rib and I think my list is complete.   Not even to be polite, could 

     I eat these things.

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Adult daughter orders a cheeseburger and fries.   She piles the fries on top of the hamburger and eats it all together.  Weird.


When DH and I got married, I was in shock when I saw him fix a peanut butter sandwich and put it on a plate and turn a baked pot pie on top upside down and eat it with a fork.  LOL

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I always put sugar on my peanut butter sandwiches but NEVER jelly on them.  Like Jelly; like peanut butter.  Just not together.

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@handygal2 wrote:

I dip pretzels in ice cream-- both vanilla and chocolate are good!

They sell ice cream with chocolate covered pretzels in it. Also, Ben & Jerry has a flovor with potato chips.

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@Marienkaefer2 wrote:

@HappyDaze wrote:

A really good piece of chocolate (preferably with almonds) or a dark chocolate brownie and a glass of red wine, like Robert Mondavi Private selection Cab aged in bourbon barrels. Yum.


Pears (not too ripe) with a soft cheese like St. Nectaire. Or even with a robust blue cheese.


Apple slices with all natural organic crunchy peanut butter (favorite of my doggies too!).


Rosemary fries.


Rosemary and olive oil on popcorn.


Rosemary crackers with jalepeno or some type of spicy jam/jelly and cream cheese.



ETA: I forgot one of my all time favorites-Lavender Latte made with real lavender! Who would have thought that could be so delicous? Also a mocha with tons of chili powder in it. Yum.




I don't consider any of these to be odd.  They are rather sophisticated, in my view.  I have had all of these. 

I agree.