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Just found out the receptionist at dr’s office is sick and in hospital. I’m looking for ideas to put together a gift/activity basket. 


I dont know her interests with regard to books and puzzles or activities. But want to do something for her. 


Thanks for for any suggestions you can give. 

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I would just do a get well soon card.



Hospitals can have restrictions on what can and cannot be brought in for any given patient.



And since you don't work with this woman, or even actually know her, I would just stick with the card.



Let her actual co-workers, who actually know her and work with her put together a basket if they want.

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 You're that close to the receptionist there?


It's a nice thought and all. I agree her coworkers should  get her something, if they want.


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I am in the hospital often.  I would appreciate a nice hand lotion, not with a strong odor.  And perhaps a nice hand soap in a push down top of the container. 

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I'm just a believer that if they are in the hospital, let them rest and heal.  Some people don't look their best and don't want company.  If you know her that well, you probably can come up with something she likes.  Handcream sounded good. 

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Recently a family member was in the hospital.  She was given one  those soft fluffy throws and she used it the whole time she was in the hospital and now she uses it at home.

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Are you going to visit her in the hospital or wanting to drop something off where she works?  Do you know her outside of her work?


Maybe dropping a card off at her job would be appreciated.  



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I think a soft fluffy throw is such a good idea!

It is something soft and comforting when the sheets and blankets at a hospital are so stiff and scratchy.

I got my stepmother one of Stan Herman's (I think it was chenille) throws a few years back and she loved having it. She told me so many times how she used it all the time.

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@Kalli  I think the idea of a gift or small gift basket is very nice. I have a couple of doctors that I see frequently, and have become very friendly with their office staff over the years 


You could always check with her coworkers to see what kinds of things she likes.  

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Do you know why she is sick?  I ask because a nice throw might get blood or other things on it, especially if she gets sick to her stomach which happens with flu.