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@on the bay wrote:


I think a soft fluffy throw is such a good idea!

It is something soft and comforting when the sheets and blankets at a hospital are so stiff and scratchy.

I got my stepmother one of Stan Herman's (I think it was chenille) throws a few years back and she loved having it. She told me so many times how she used it all the time.

I think thats a perfect gift.



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i remember when my mom was in the hospital for an extended period of time.

the items she wanted were hand creams (her skin was very dry), a nice robe, slippers, a light scent (we got her dolce and gabbana light blue), celebrity magazines. she really craved thick cheeseburgers and milkshakes. maybe you could ask if she would like a particular meal and bring it for her?

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I’m not a personal friend but we live in a small town and I’ve been to the office where she works many times over the years. I’ve always enjoyed our conversations and thought maybe a small gift might help her feel better.  


Her situation is serious due to a complication and I thought if it were me, I’d appreciate a kind gesture and some positive thoughts. No plans to go visit, just would drop the card/gift off to her husband. 

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Re: Need some ideas please

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I think she’d appreciate being thought of in this way, @Kalli. I like the ideas of a throw, lotion, or shower gel; even warm slipper socks—I just ordered some for me.  It is so thoughtful of you to want to do this!


Slipper socks are usually one size fits all—no need to know her exact size. 

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@Kalli  I think that is so thoughtful of you.  I like the idea of a soft throw blanket. 

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@itsmagic wrote:

@Kalli  I think that is so thoughtful of you.  I like the idea of a soft throw blanket. 





Slipper sox are a GREAT idea!  They fit any size and the hospital slipper sox they give you are tight and uncomfortable imo.

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My oldest dearest friend was in the hospital and had brain surgery.  I gave her a throw blanket.  She loved it.  Nice and cozey.  Blankets at the hospital are rough.  Plus they keep the hospital very cold to ward off germs.  Plus she said she used it at home.  She loved curling up at home during her recovering time. 

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But if this woman is in the ICU (I don't know if she is or not. I'm just saying), then the doctors may forbid things being brought in to the room.



You mean well, but let her co-workers and husband bring her the things that she needs and can have.



After all, they know her best, and know the situation best.

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@Kalli, you mentioned that you’d be dropping off her gift to her husband. Perfect idea!  He’ll know what things she can have or what things she can use at home. 


The world could use more people like you. Just as important as the gift you leave for her is that she’ll know you think enough of her to want to do this.  

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Lip balm and hand creme, definitely.  Perhaps a cuticle cream too, if she's able to pamper herself a little.  It's so dry in hospitals.  I always feel like I'm in the desert when I'm there, patient or visitor.

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