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@VanSleepy wrote:

Is it only the mousse that you can't find and want?  There are Samy's products on eBay, but I don't know about the mousse.

Thanks - I never thought about eBay.  Going there now.  

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@kitcat51  Are they kidding????  I swore I wouldn't pay a farthing more than @98.00.......

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someone here before mentioned OUAI volumizing spray, and said it really worked. i haven’t tried it yet, but maybe you’d like to. it’s available in sephora. 

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You could always write to the Vermont Country Store, under "suggest a product" and tell them why you would like them to source it for you.

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Re: Need Help....

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can you use this? it is volumizing not thickening though.

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@sophiamarie wrote:

Hi @Big Joanie  I do have a Walgreen's close by and they are advertising Got2b Fat-Tastic thickening mousse which is an "Ulta" Beauty product.


I am going to give it a try.


Thanks for your speedy response and will let you know.    It's only $6.99 too.  Samy's products were about the same price - but as long as it works, that's fine with me.

Good Luck ....

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All good suggestions and I thank you all for your responses.


Today I tried something I never did before.  I used the mousse I got in Walgreens about a year ago and the cosmetic girl said if I wasn't happy with it, I could bring it back.  I am not thrilled with it but I kept it anyway.  It's Nexxus Mousse Plus Volume Control.  So, I scrunched it through my hair and when it was dry, I sprayed it with hair spray, still not combing it out.  Bronze can.


She gave me Loreal "Lock It Bold Control" hair spray Extra strong.  Black can.


When that dried, I took a pick and combed my hair out and it seemed to work pretty good.  Not what I would have liked, but better than nothing.  My hair isn't stiff because it's combed out.


Again, thanks y'all and I will look into some of the ideas on this thread.