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REI dot com. They have deep discounts on their stuff. Most everything they sell is geared for the outdoors.

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I buy sporto waterproof boots from HSN.  They have wide sizes and the prices are low.  The boots are watertight as long as they don't have zippers.  Water will go through a zipper.  Fancier boots have an inset liner behind the zipper to maintain the boots waterproof.  This is true of boots with laces as well.  Make sure the boots are sold as waterproof.  Water resistant boots let the water in, it only means that water won't damage the boot.  But they let the water in.  So you need waterproof boots.  I have bought waterproof boots from QVC too, but QVC shoe sizes are nit very consistent.  The boots should remain waterproof for several years, but after that, water may seep in.  Good luck Jordan2! 

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I’ve been wearing my LL Bean duck boots since college.
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I have a pair of Bogs.  They are guaranteed to -30 degrees and come in tons of cute colors and designs.  Most moms on the soccer and lacrosse side lines have a pair so our feet stay warm and dry.


Those Sperry boots are great too.

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@NYCLatinaMe, I have Sporto boots, I find they aren't waterproof like they're suppose to be. I think I'll have to go with the less fashionable duck type boots.

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I just ordered a pair of The North Face Shellista ll Shorty boot in a grey/black color. They look cute, they have faux fur collar you can wear folded down or straight up. I bought them from Macys, I figure the return is easy as I live near one in case they don't fit.

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The Sorel Joan of Arctic boot is very warm and very waterproof.  I live by the Tetons and we take our winter fun seriously.  They come in lots of colors.  I believe I counted thirty color combinations on Amazon.

Sorel Sorel's 'Joan of Arctic' suede and leather boots are grounded by a handcrafted vulcanized rubber sole for optimum traction on slippery surfaces. Lined in warm felt and finished with an insulating faux fur cuff, this waterproof pair will keep feet warm and dry in temperatures as low as -32°C.