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That parents were found dead, just wondering what is really going on, i hope she is safe,and had nothing to do with her parents deaths.

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I hope so too. When it first happened, I kept getting all of these Amber Alerts on my phone and all over our television all evening long...... We live about 2 hours South of where she dissappeared from....


I truly hope she is still alive, and hasn't been harmed and isn't at all involved in this......I know the F.B.I has been very involved......

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The longer she is missing, the more I fear for her existence.  

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Unfortunately this reminds me of a case in 1950s where a younger teen girl disappeared with her somewhat older boyfriend after they murdered her oarents.  Think maybe there were other murders as well.

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Agree with poster who mentioned a prior case where a boyfriend was involved.  That's my feeling too -

Recent case of farm country - gal vanished while out on her usual run - I kept saying - check the cornfield.  That's where they found her body.

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I got the Amber Alert also.  They aren't releasing much information at this point. 


They have said the girl is not a suspect. This happened about 1 AM I believe and there was a 911 call evidently from the residence, but they were not able to make anything out.  They do know the phone it came from, but are not releasing that information.


This is so weird.  I hope they find her.  Sounds like they are doing everything they can.

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All that matters is that a 13 yr old child is missing.


  Whether by choice or not, she is still a victim-either because she is a witness and was taken or she left willingly,


Jayme Closs is not old enough to make a mature, consenual choice either way; her safety is the issue no matter the circumstances.





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Sadly, I predict that this will not have a good outcome. I do hope we get some answers soon as people in her community must be nervous. 

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At this point, no one cares about people in the community.  The only concern is that little girl who is missing.  Thinking about happened to that child is terrifying.

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It could be that the parents were killed because the killer wanted the daughter.