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Just got my Short & Fabulous Wig from Toni Brattin and I had to say how pleased I am with my new "DO"! Just pop it on and I'm ready to go!

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Welcome to the Community @MsBevAnn.  I'm happy to read that the Toni Brattin wig is a good one.  What color did you go with?

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Good for you!

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I've always wanted to be brave enough to try one.  I'd love to pop and go.  

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Glad you love your new hair style!


'Since I'm here', I'm curious to find out if any of you ordered/tried the touselled slightly longer bob style.  Not sure which brand on the Q.


I'll check the item # out later.  Whomever/whoever has it knows which one it is.  'Touselled' is in the name of the wig.


Thank you ahead of time.  Heart

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Update:  A286400   Mid Length Touseled Bob Wig..........I'll 'go back' and read the reviews.

'More or less', 'Right or wrong', 'In general', and 'Just thinking out loud ' (as usual).
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@MsBevAnn  Welcome! Have watched the presentations and thought the shorter wigs were the most attractive. Have fun with your new "do" and let us know more about your experiences with it.

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@MsBevAnn, nice to meet you and I look forward to chatting with you! Enjoy your new look! It'always nice when we take the plunge and are happy with the result. LuLu
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@MsBevAnn Would love to see a pic!! I have 1 on my wish list, my color is out of stock.