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@onlyshopsonline     What kinda irks me, is that some people WILL believe that junk.    Even worse......what if a prospective employer looks it up?    I'm retired.....but I understand employers now look up their workers on  social media and also do credit checks.    di

@Desertdi   You hit the nail on the head.  That's exactly how I feel about it!




A reputable employer will use a legitimate site and ways of doing background checks, and not use a scam site.

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The "stuff" they publish is PURE FICTION.    

@Desertdi   Absolutely. 


I looked up my name a long time ago and there was a picture of some woman who is not me, not by a long shot. 


Agree income was wrong, "possible" relatives  wrong, neighbors wrong, etc. etc. etc.


I believe one has to join that site to get anything corrected or removed.


What a joke.

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