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Re: My Burger King Impossible whopper experience

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@lovesrecess wrote:
I think since she had tried the impossible burger the implication was that would be the free one...there was no exclusion on the coupon according to OP. Best resolution...never go there again.


There's no such thing as "implication" when it comes to a coupon offer.  It's clearly stated in writing.


An Impossible Whopper is not the same thing as a Whopper.  It's not even a slight variation of it.  BK doesn't have to specifically exclude every item that's not eligible.


Sometimes we assume and sometimes we misunderstand, and I think that's what happened in this case.  

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Re: My Burger King Impossible whopper experience

@manhattan1950 wrote:

I have NEVER eaten or ordered from Burger King and don't intend to. You can smell the grease from OUTSIDE the place - NAUSEATING.


Me too...nor McDonalds.

My ex would take our girls to fast food places, but not me.


Ive tried a few fries from these places (other peoples! lol)

and thought they were limp, cold and greasy. Ugh


Right up the street I get homemade fries, onion rings,

cheese sticks, etc.


Omg, the onion rings are superb. Huge Rings where the

”skin” slips off ...and the fries are hand cut and crisp.


Very difficult to resist their pizza too! Especially when it’s a family owned independent, small place.

I want to support least, that’s My Story and I’m stickin’ to it!


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Re: My Burger King Impossible whopper experience

I'm happier with the Shake Shack and Five Guys.  We have both round and I really like them.  Have stopped going to McDonald, Burger King, etc.  years ago.  When I lived in California, it was the In -N -Out Burger.  Miss eating those burgers!