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Mostly because people who often read, but seldom post have been frustrated into commenting or asking questions, and/or they have read all the complaints and have come aboard to see for themselves how bad things really are.

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You are right. And, these boards are just awful.  I can't find what I just posted.  The old boards showed  what you just now posted---it took you right back to the topic you were posting about.  

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@kittymomNC wrote:

@chickenbutt wrote:

Seems pretty much the same to me, but I tend not to really keep track anyway.


Over the last few days they have made this board better and better.  It's been nice that they have been so responsive and have kept up the improvements.  


I just noticed this morning that I got upgraded from 'Super Contributor' to 'Valued Contributor'.   How nice is that?  Thanks, Q!  Heart


Hey CB, I got that the other day too and still don't know why.... do you?  Haven't been able to get any answers on the "contributor" classifications.  I'm curious, but I still don't think we need them.


I did it, KM, because you're both two of my favorite people!  :cattongue:



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