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I’ll only buy them if I can find some in animal print...

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@Annabellethecat66   How about with a kitty nose and mouth?  Maybe in Mr. Bill colors?

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I'm waiting for Oprah's Favorite Things.


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The masks mainly protect other people from you.  In the OR all are wearing masks except the patient.  Once they get damp from your breath they need to be changed as the viruses go right through.The cloth ones people wear are even less effective. Some masks filter out particles you might breath in but they are specialized and you have to be trained to wear them as wellas passing a fit test to show it is being worn properly with a good seal.  I used to have to use them at work.

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@Mz iMac wrote:

@shoesnbags   @madzonie 


In my neck of the woods, all the major pharmacies-CVS, Walgreens, local home grown pharmacies, supermarket pharmacies, etc. have them for FREE!


I have a whole bag full of them.  I only wear mine during flu season.


Also, HomeDepot & Lowes sells them.  Not expensive at all.


Have you checked your area?

@Mz iMac 

Please read post #8.  Your bag of free masks are not the kind recommended for protection against the Coronavirus and similar viruses. That’s why they’re so available and free. I wear that type when cleaning because I’m allergic to dust.  A N95 respirator is the type of mask that is needed for protection against the Coronavirus. 

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@Kachina624 wrote:

@dancingwoman wrote:

@Kachina624  Hope you are recovering from your surgery.  Take care...DW

@dancingwoman   I had  Basel cell carcinoma removed and I'm a real mess with lots of stitches and purple bruising.  I'm in self-imposed home confinement for several weeks.  Have more surgery in middle of March to fix it.


Thanks for all your well wishes.

Hope you're doing well after having the basal cell carcinoma removed.   And, if I'm not available, good luck in March for your other surgery!

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The CDC suggest you wear the N95 mask; they are the ones like construction workers wear. The Lowes, Home Depots, and hardware stores here are sold out of the masks within 40 miles from our area and they suggest you order online before online retailers are sold out. Surgical masks are worthless for protection from the coronavirus. This was on our local news and was from the CDC.
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This is real interesting:

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@lovesrecess :  Unless you are rich (Some N95 masks are now $40 each) it's too late to find them from Ebay.  The other problem is they usually aren't putting in a guaranteed delivery date and most are made in China (where they have a higher priority than selling to you).

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If you are buying them for to protect against  a virus, hold off on that.  All surgical/medical masks are not the same thing.  Some offer no protection at all against viruses.  You would need a specific type of mask.  Also, there are varying opinions on the effectiveness of any mask.  This COVID 19  virus can live on hard surfaces.  People are probably stock piling masks now, hence the price increases.