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Why are maxi dresses so popular? I always have heard that the length of the dresses could be related to our country's financial situation.  Could there be a coorelation between the maxi dresses and our financial situation?

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Re: Maxi Dresses

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Our financial situation was great until the CV hit.  It seems impossible to find a lightweight pretty summer dress in a cotton or other cool fabric that's not either up to your who-ha or down to your ankles.  Everything today seems to be knits, knits, knits and t-shirts.  Ugh.


I live in hot, humid Central Florida and I can't even stand to wear t-shirts.  Way too hot.  Like weariing a blanket.  I don't know how people stand them.




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I haven’t worn a maxi dress since the 70s when I lived / worked in a suburban area in CA.

Just not practical living in the city with dusty sidewalks and mass transit.
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I don't see the maxi dresses like I used to see.  I like to wear skirts and dresses above the knee.  The way the tall models on QVC wear them. Main reason I don't shop their clothes.  They may be short on the model but when you get them....too long and too dowdy.


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Most knit fabric, for example polyester, is a by product from the petro industry. Polyester is cheap to make, readily available and doesn't get affected by climate change. 


Hemlines come down when countries are not in a crisis, for instance, at war. Might have something to do with conserving resources when hemlines go up, as in wartime.

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Can't speak to the fabric or comfort of the TSV, but I think the navy set is beautiful. If I were young, and built for that style, I'd love to wear maxi dresses.

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I feel like a "school marm" in a maxi dress.  I prefer a "midi" mid calf length.  And living in a city, they are just not practical, IMO.



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I'm not a huge fan of maxi dresses, but I like to wear them when I'm relaxing around the house. They really come in handy when I've forgotten to shave my legs! 😉

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@I am appleblossom   I can give several reasons why they are so popular.


  • you feel your legs are not that attractive and don't want to show them
  • don't have to shave your legs - just throw the dress on and go
  • can easily bend over without worrying about showing everything
  • can somewhat hide ugly shoes if long enough
  • gives a longer leaner look
  • don't blow up in a heavy wind

Personally, I rarely wear dresses, but when I do, they are always maxi dresses.

......You look like I need a drink.....
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I like nice maxis but I LOVE great midi lengths instead. I'm only 5'4", even Renee's petites are ankle length on me. I'd love to see her do some really nice midis.


While I can find 1/2 of the duos that she offers, the prints it seems are always in tropicals which for me in my area of the country (OH) I could and would wear only during the summer. I wish she'd do some small florals or petite stripes. I am really glad to see that the cold shoulder look hopefully has gone by the wayside not only for her but other designers that show here too.