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Re: Mail delivery problems

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@homedecor1  Informed Delivery is great, isn't it? During the snowy winter months, I let the junk mail sit in the mail box for a couple of days if I'm not going someplace! I'm happy with my knitting or a good book. The carrier who used to worry about me has been promoted to working inside another Post Office within our City. I miss him, but was so pleased he didn't have to drive that little, bitty vehicle in bitterly cold, icy, snowy weather and hot, humid summers! And, since he was promoted, we have another regular carrier for our route. (Much to our surprise!)


It doesn't occur to the new carrier that something might be wrong is someone hasn't picked up their mail . . . seems like a big red flag to most carriers if mail hasn't been stopped, but not this one. To my knowledge, no one has mentioned it. He just doesn't have a clue. Good thing our neighbors all keep in touch! 

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@homedecor1 wrote:

When I lived up north our mail lady delivered between 4-5.  If she was on vacation, someone else took the route.  We sometimes got our mail after 7:30 pm.  Many complaints they finally put a postal supervisor on the route and it was determined eventhough the "fill in carrier" left the p.o. at 3:30 he/she was not starting the route until 5.


Now, I'm spoiled by "informed delivery" I never have to wait to know what I'm getting but our mail is in the mailbox no later than 11am.  If our carrier is off it's around 1.   Most the mail is "junk" flyers, etc. anyway because we get everything online.




Our previous carrier was not only late with mail deliveries, but he also ALWAYS put mail in the WRONG mailbox, and I joked as I re-delivered the mail to the RIGHT person, I work part-time for the Post Office Woman LOL  I know everyone makes mistakes, but this happened way too often.....


I didnt want my neighbors to suffer if I just batched it up with a note "mail put in wrong box" and put it in an outmail slot and my neighbors not get important mail---like electric bills, credit card bills, jury summons, DMV mail-(probably drivers license renewal), mail from insurance companies with ID CARD ENCLOSED stamped on the envelope etc. 


Happy to report GREAT SERViCE from new mail person!


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At one point, we were getting everyone else's mail.  I had to 1 week we were 5 

different ethnicities....Lopez, Chen, Patel, Levine and Romano!

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My daughters street didn't get mail for 4 days in a row when their Carrier went on vacation....they couldn't find anyone to do it


The only things that got delivered were Amazon packages

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The same situation for me.  We get a different mail carrier every day.

Lots of times I get my neighbors mail and deliver it to them while rifling through theirs for mine ( I know this wrong AND illegal) because I'm sure one neighbor just throws it away.

The best scenario is when we go, sometimes for days, with NO mail and then one day a pile shows up that barely fits in my normal sized mailbox.

My dad however is BFF with his every day the same nice guy mail carrier.



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All sorts of mail problems


1.  Late delivery

2.  Getting neighbors mail

3.  Missing mail

4.  Mail sent back to originator

5.  Mail delivered and left in odd places

6.  Mail delivered a few street up the block and around the corner



Tired of making this list getting late... but I could go on and on and on.  And if I wanted to write my neighbor a letter it would be sent to distribution center 65 miles away and then sent back to our post office to be delivered.  


Not what it used to be.


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When our regular lady is off & we have fill-in they don't leave the truck!  In fact, I was mad because he jammed my Q packages (the mailing bags) in the mailbox -- I honestly had to work to get them out they were jammed in there so badly😖😖😖


Which brings to mind a funny story:


I knew my curtains were being delivered from my informed delivery.  Of course, that day not here.  I called Bed Bath & Beyond to report it because I got the email they were "delivered".  They sent me another order via overnite Fed Ex.


Always wondered what happened to them (or who got my delivery).  A man 3 doors down received them but didn't know because he never went out /in front door just pulled in garage which has door to house.  3 months later he found them!!!  Box was soaking wet but he "delivered" them!!!

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@homedecor1  That's hilarious! You know there's a place on Informed Delivery to check if you don't receive the items you are supposed to that day? Mark it so the USPS can track it. That carrier would have had to find his mistake. I believe they take a photo of where packages are left. Three months later - Holy Cow!! Surprised BB&B didn't ask USPS to verify delivery. WOW.

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My mail isn’t delivered until after 4 pm ... sometimes as late as 6pm .... this has been going on for years!!!

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I  live in a formerly rural, unincorporated area of a very large county.    The government closed several of the smaller, rural post offices and combined it with the post office in a nearby city.    it's been chaos.


For so long I didn't get my mail before 7pm.   I felt bad for the carrier, having to fight the traffic and be out after dark in the winter.


Post office must have hired more carriers, I get my mail between 3 & 4 now.

But the delivery is awful.    Packages are mis-delivered all the time.

My address is clearly marked on my house, I've had to resort to putting up a sign on my glass storm door to please look at the numbers on my house, with arrows pointing above my door.   I often get my neighbor's packages


I have a jumbo size mailbox, I rarely order anything too big to fit.   I get tired of running around the neighborhood, looking for my packages.