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You can add my prayers for you, your son, and the rest of your family to the many coming your way. You have been through so much tragedy, and my faith tells me that you have never been alone. We are sending virtual hugs to surround you and keep you and your son in comfort. 

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@Lindsays Grandma wrote:

I just got word that my son who lives in New York isn't expected to live through the year.  He has had awful health issues for years.  He had a kidney transplant three years ago and than developed cancer in his liver. Surgery was done to remove the cancer and all looked promising.  Unfortunately the cancer came back and is now very aggressive.  He is in hospice where he is being kept comfortable until the end.


Thirteen years ago my daughter who lived in Oregon came to AZ to visit me when Lindsay was three years old.  While she was here she suffered an aneurysm and died.  Lindsay's mother is my youngest child and the only one of three who will be left.  My heart is heavy.

@Lindsays Grandma- No words can express how terribly sorry I am. Sending prayers to you and your dear family. 

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