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1.   You know you're a good mom when you sacrifice your vibrator batteries for your kid's toy.  This is also why the remote control never works.


2.   You know you're a mom when your idea of world peace would be everything having a drive thru.  Why aren't drive thru parks a thing?


3.   Parenting is one obstacle after another.  But, like, literally, because no one ever puts anything away.  It's 9 a.m. - have you stepped on a Lego yet?


4.   Booty call:  A shout from the bathroom letting you know it's time to wipe someone's butt.  It used to have a different meaning, but we can't remember what.


5.   I will drink you under the table!  I whisper to my coffee as we hide from the children.  Last call happens at 4 p.m.


6.   Tucking my kids in bed and said, "I'll see you in the morning."  Then we laughed and laughed and saw each

other 16 more times before sunrise.  Good night, sleep tight...because I tied you to your bed.


7.   Boys:  Less drama than girls, but harder to keep alive.

Snips and snails and...You Tube fails?


                                       The End


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