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We call all hummers Rocky - small but mighty ! 



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So marvelously beautiful!  Wondrous!

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Jewels of the garden!!


Mine haven't shown up yet this year.  But it's not unusual for them not to make an appearance until August.

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So pretty. Don't you just love nature.

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What a cutie.

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@Pezzie  You got some great shots! Lovely!

In my pantry with my cupcakes...
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@Pezzie Thanks for the Tuesday boost!  We have some hummers that love to play in our mimosa trees and they hover over my head at some geraniums hanging on the porch.  They are truly a wonder of the world.

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someone is a very talented photographer

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A little miracle.


Such beauty in a tiny bird!

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@Pezzie  Beautiful pictures 🤗  thanks for sharing.