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I read all the mostly negative comments re above and saw models wearing TSV - I think the colors are lovely and to my mind everyone I have seen so far wearing this needs to go up a size.  On some top of arms look stretched and hips look wider.


I think if you went up a size this would drape and look much nicer from the back - not stretched  - it does not necessariky have to be worn skin tight as most models seem to wear.

A more casual look I think would look much better - Jackie model for instance would look much better a size up as would Jill.  Just my opinion as I think the negative reviews come from seeing this worn too small

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Re: Logo TSV Today

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I have been looking at this all day and I agree with you. They are wearing it too tight and so the pleats in the back are being stretched over their rears instead of hanging down. 

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My goodness, if they added any more fabric to their bodies they would look even more awful.  Sorry, but that thing is not flattering.  I know, I know - I'm the one who is out of touch.  LOL  You wear it, and I'll stick to a more slimming look. 

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I dont think they're wearing it too tight because it fits across the bust.   The truth is those lumpy,  ill-conceived pleats around the hips can't help but add bulk and make everyone look larger.  Hard to believe a "designer"  came up with this unflattering garment. 

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I think it might be more flattering to someone with a more straight (no hips) figure 'cause it gives you a waist.  But for those pear-shaped ladies, it can add too much to the hips.

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I think the colors are pretty and I kind of like it because it doesn't have chiffon hanging off it but can't justify $60+ for a hoodie.

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I think the thermal trim cheapens it. I get the LOUNGE concept but would beter without just french terry.

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@Melania wrote:

I think the thermal trim cheapens it. I get the LOUNGE concept but would beter without just french terry.

I love the french terry and the thermal trim.  I don't like the pleats.  It's a bit dated. The babydoll look was huge 5 years ago.

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Pleats on the hips are never a good idea. 

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Too much fabric and I don't like the way it hangs from the back and the sides.