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Oh, no.  You gotta try fry sauce!  Here's a recipe but I leave out the sugar or use very little.

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Green chile on everything.  The ultimate, heavenly treat is a green chile cheeseburger.  We even have contests to determine who makes the best one.

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Re: Local Quirks

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@Foxxee wrote:

Some dip pretzels in mustard.  Not sure about now, but at one time it was difficult finding pretzels in other parts of the country.


Some pour vinegar on their French fries.  


Another odd one, I think are ketchup sandwiches.  Nothing else.  Lettuce and mayonnaise sandwiches.


Shoo Fly pie.


Very big where I live:  Lebanon Bologna, Philadelphia Cheesesteaks, pierogies, scrapple, chicken pot pie, teaberry ice cream, dandelion greens with bacon dressing, pickled red beet eggs, funnel cake.  There are a lot more.  Mostly of German origin.  

While I wouldn't dip a fry into vinegar (the sogginess factor) I do LOVE salt and vinegar potato chips, the saltier and vinegary they are, the better.  There's one brand I like that after a few my lips start to feel numb, but they are delicious.

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Mustard on burgers, is very standard here.  In most places, especially, fast food, you'd need to request, no mustard, if you didn't want it.


I also like fry sauce, and yes, I've  dipped pizza into tartar, ranch, even a little plain mayo.  In my defense 😁I do this rarely, and always, with warmed up leftovers.  Why? It tastes good! 

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One of my Niece's has a certain brand of hot sauce, that she puts, on just about everything!  

I do believe she even adds it to, turkey and mashed potatoes/gravy, at Thanksgiving! At least, I wouldn't be. Surprised.  Now their 4 year old daughter, is picking up the habit! 

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Cheese, or I should say "cheese product," on everything is the big thing in my area. If it doesn't sport a layer of soft orange goo, it's not ready to eat. 


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I have seen people dip fries in the gravy that came with a chicken fried steak or CFS sandwich. . . 


I can't even imagine a burger without mustard.  The yellow kind.  Fast food or good restaurant, you'll have mustard here! 

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French fries and cole slaw on a sandwich. Primanti Brothers made this a Pittsburgh speciality. You can't come to Pittsburgh and not try one.

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@SuhseK   I live in Pennsylvania and eat my french fries with tartar sauce. Started doing that when Long John Silvers arrived in our area.  I mix in some ketchup and some of the malt vinegar into the tartar sauce.

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boardwalk thrashers fries fried in peanut oil with malt vinegar or with old bay spice.....its definitely a thing at our delmarva beaches.




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