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I went to the local laundromat yesterday to wash my comforter in one of those 3 load capacity speedqueens.  I don't like to crowd my comforter into my own washer, I always worry that it won't wash and rinse thoroughly.  I paid $4.25 which is the same rate as it's been for over a year.  Boy, would I love to have one of those speedqueens in my basement.


Edited to add - I only used their washer.  I dried it at home.

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I, too, use the laundromat for the big quilts - We have cats who sometimes have fur balls.  The price is still $2.75 for wash and $.50 to use the dryers.  Free soap, too, but I use laundry sheets.

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The laundromat nearest me doesn't have machines which use coins. They only take bills and that goes for the dryers, too. Large washers cost $8 and dryer cost $1 for 30 minutes I think.

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I took a comforter out of storage last year and brought it to the laundromat. Knew I was in for a shock when I saw the machines had converted to taking bills. This year I washed it in my laundry room wash tub, rinsed, rinsed, rinsed then left it drip for half a day before I put it in the dryer.

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We don't have in unit washer/dryers in our condo complex and I wish we did.  There are several onsite laundry rooms here and when we moved here, that seemed fine with me. And then my knees went and it's not ok with me, even though the laundry room is across the courtyard and big and spacious. I send my laundry out to be professionally done.  Hubby does his laundry early Saturday morning.  They did put new energy efficient machines in and they went up in price.  $3 for the washer and I think hubby said the dryer is $3 too.  Hubby complains that his he spends $12 a week for his two loads of laundry.  He gets no sympathy from me.  I pay lot more for my clothes and the sheets and the towels.  It is....what it is.      

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Large commercial washers run about $8 and dryers are about $4 to dry a comforter in my area.

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@Snoopp wrote:

Large commercial washers run about $8 and dryers are about $4 to dry a comforter in my area.

@Snoopp   Yep.  Me too.  There is one man who owns the only laundrymat in our area.  He charges whatever he wants and it now costs me time and $12 to wash and dry one queen Bates bedspread.  He may have gone up since April. 😒

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@kaydee50. No, to the contrary. The laundromat where I go occasionally for things like that reduced all its prices when the pandemic started, to help out the customers. I had expected it to go back to it's normal prices by now but it hasn't. The owner is a nice guy.
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@kaydee50  I used to have to use a local laundromat. Keeping clean can get pretty $$ at times.


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I used to take my king sized comforter to a laundrymat and wash it using one of those HUGE washers.  Very expensive....


because I'd run it first on hot with bleach-- EMPTY.


Just wanted to disinfect it as best I could because you never know what someone else had washed in it before.  (filthy bath mats, dog beds, etc.)


I'd literally stand there for most of the 40 mins. to make sure no one could/would use it before I'd then do just my bed skirt.  Felt like I was giving the washer a second good


Lastly would be my comforter, which I would take home and hang out in the sun.


I think it cost seven bucks a load.  So $21, technically, to do just my comforter as my bedskirt could be done at home in my washer.


It drove the woman who worked in the dry cleaning area crazy, she'd always say that I could do the bedskirt in with the comforter, too.  And I'm sure she rolled her eyes as she watched the first load with nothing in


But I'd see her pulling big beautiful comforters out of a dry cleaning machine of some kind, then she'd drag them across the dust bunny floor and fold them on a counter that everyone put their laundry baskets and bottles of detergent on.  Wonder how much that cost customers--thinking their bed linens were really getting cleaned?


The machines at this place had credit card machines hooked up to them as a method of payment.  


Don't do the laundymat anymore.  I used much lighter blankets that I can wash weekly.