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Re: LISA R. is having a Memorial Weekend Sale

@bikerbabe wrote:
I wonder whether some of those over-the-top dramatic negative reviews are from the same people who mercilessly slam Lisa R here. I take reviews with a grain of salt on any website, including places I regularly order from like Amazon. Some people have an agenda - positive and negative.

All I can say is I purchased a number of Christmas items. All beautiful. One item was broken in shipping. Customer service responded to my email within an hour and shipped a replacement. I have not purchased any jewelry or clothing.

As with a lot of online retailers, I think the reviews can be skewed both ways, positive and negative.  I do, however, appreciate those who designate verified purchase reviews.  When it comes to Lisa's inventory, I think it seems there are far more positive online comments from people who don't appear to have purchased than there are negatives.