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suzyQ3: Lisa Robertson had it the worst & was the best QVC host. Did not know Kathy Levine, whom everyone loved.

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I like to watch Kristine Zell. The one I change the channel on is  Kerstin L. I can't stand to watch her. 

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I can't seem to get past her fake smile. To me it's robotic in a weird way.

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Re: Kristine Zell

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@BLH wrote:

I can not watch her.  She talks too fast, fake smiles too much, and can't pronounce anything correctly.  

@BLH ..... are you sure you are talking about Kristine Zell?? .... sounds like you are talking about Amy Stran? .... just saying....

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@SilleeMee wrote:

I can't seem to get past her fake smile. To me it's robotic in a weird way.

@SilleeMee ..... I agree about her fake smile 😊.... I call her “TEETH”  🤪

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Hopefully she didn’t up-root herself & her family for the host job because I personally don’t think she will be around too long .... 🙃

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I would be surprised if they fired KZ, she's no worse than AS IMO. I don't watch either of their shows with any regularity. Anyway someone has to work the wee hours.

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I saw both Denim & Co. shows this week with her and Gary.  I agree with the OP. I think they work good together. 

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Another recent video: KZ and a cooking rep. together. The Rep. mentioned a French word during the presentation. KZ interrupted him and asked to repeat the word. He did. With her bobbled head going she said, "Always like new words." (Big grin and pleased with herself look. SMH) 

However, she didn't let him finish his explanation of the word! She went on with her whispering/murmering of "ahhh" and "ohhh" and "I l-o-v-e that".  I kept waiting for her to ask the meaning of the word, which meant "sauce" . . . she failed to do so. Horrible host and rude to her guests. 

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Kristine's hiring group has been there about 2 years, including the training period.


That's quite a long while to smooth out all the rough edges.


Fortunately, she mentions frequently that she and her husband are still renters.