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Re: Kind of a petty question

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, go where she wants to. After years of her doing this for you, I would hope you could return the favor that easily.

I didn't read (maybe I missed it), that she paid for her friend's birthday meal. ????

Sending joy, prayers, love and gentle hugs to all who need them this holiday season.
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Re: Kind of a petty question

If my dear friend offered to treat me to a nice restaurant meal for my birthday, I certainly wouldn't choose a restaurant that didn't serve food she could enjoy! Your friend doesn't eat red meat, but you want her to pay for your meals in a steakhouse every single year when it's her turn to treat? How selfish! I think you may deserve that "guilt trip"........and yes, I'd suggest you try the Italian restaurant this year, both out of consideration to your friend and to open yourself to new and different experiences. Life is more fun if you do. Maybe you can try something new and different when her birthday comes around, too! And it would behoove both of you to choose restaurants that both of you can enjoy together on your respective birthdays!

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Re: Kind of a petty question

I would let her do the picking.......she is the one paying!

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Re: Kind of a petty question

Be glad you have a good friend who wants to share your birthday with you. Some of us don't have that blessing.

Go where she wants to take you and be grateful.