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I remember when she was a QVC host.  Always thought she was very professional and easy to listen to.  Well, watching her tonight, it's obvious that she's still the same classy lady I remember....

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I agree!  When she had her clothing line on HSN I bought several of her pieces. Great designer as well!

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is she now a rep on qvc? what is she promoting?

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I agree.  I always liked her as a host.  She is maturing beautifully.  (Please don't take that the wrong way.  She is a beautiful woman.)  Very classy and professional.  The Q could use someone like her to add to the host mix.  I would love to see her with Louis dell'Olio.

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Where did you see her?  Is she selling on Qvc now?

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@chrystaltree wrote:

Where did you see her?  Is she selling on Qvc now?

@chrystaltree, she is selling Crepe Erase.

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I remember her.  A pro, likable.  

Didn't  know she's back as a rep.


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I saw Kim presenting Crepe Erase with Leah W. Tuesday 18th, then later in the day with Jane, I think it was. Kim looked very nice, said she was 46 and has been using the product for three years. Said she's married with kids.


She was a QVC host from 1997-1994, or so an online bio said. I do remember her.


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i like her!

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I really wish she would come back as a host. QVC could use some professionalism and class instead of so much silliness.