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@GemspiritCongrats on your successful weight loss!  There must be a success story behind that.  May I ask why you want to loose 30 more pounds? It sounds like a size 10-12 is wonderful for 5' 7.5" tall. Would guess you currently weigh about 150 lbs. Don't loose so much that you'll blow away in the wind! Enjoy your new clothes this spring and summer! Great post.  

Money screams; wealth whispers.
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She is as phony as a 3 dollar bill. 

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I enjoy watching Kim Gravel and think she's unique; however, I only bought one pair of jeans from her I had to return. 

I think Kim designs for women her size and issues. They're not the same for me and her collection is not for me. But, I keep watching; maybe something will come along. 

She has a pretty face and is a pretty woman.