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CRACKS ME UP!  I'm glad I am working from home because I don't think I could get away with having her on in the background at the office.  She is so funny!!

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She is a hoot!

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Love Kim, she's a bit much at times, but when it gets to me I just turn the channel or mute her.

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Even with the tv muted, you could still tell she was being super loud.  Too brassy.


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She's okay; I like some if her clothes but had to turn her off today.  Her down-hominess is a little too forced and phony.  Just wasn't in the mood.

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Watched her once for rew minutes when first more.

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She isn't my cup of tea. I like people who are not screamers, and  talk about the garment . The joke cracking  isn't something I want to listen to ,or the decibel level, she seems to use.  I wonder if she has any idea how loud she is?


I have no idea what her product is like, because , I turned her off immediately.

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Love her!


She’s an upbeat and positive person.   She’s very gracious - appearing on QVC was a dream for her.  She worked hard to get here 

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As with so many people, a little goes a long way.

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