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@Carmie   Keurig wants to make sure you have a working machine so you'll keep buying their expensive pods.  That's where they make their profit.

@Kachina624 , but you don't HAVE to buy their pods to use their machines.  We've had a Keurig for years and my husband never buys the pods.  He gets a big bag of beans at Costco, grinds them himself, and uses a My K Cup.  

@Icegoddess.  No, you don't have to but most people do buy the pods.

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Re: Keurig Customer Service

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I bought a mini several years ago when it was a TSV and had issues with it (after the 30 day QVC return date) and Keurig sent me a new one. That one didn't work right either and they sent another new one. 3rd. one was the charm

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I have pretty much had it with Keurig. We're on our third. First one just quit, dead. They sent another.  Son bought us a big expensive type with the descale light that is a pain in the #%%. The light wouldn't go off after descale.  Finally found out how to turn off on Youtube.  Then it completely wouldn't turn on. I threw it out in frustration. Making a cup of coffee shouldn't be this complicated.  We're using the second one they sent (a little one).  When this goes I'm DONE. I don't want something I have to go on YouTube to figure out.

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Lol! We’re talking coffee!