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I also remember that little game they used to play with people who called in.

The scrambled word game.  

Yep.  And I remember being fascinated by this lady with a thick accent who sold makeup.  

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Joan and Kathy were a hoot.  Joan would come out with a real zinger.  Kathy would look horrified for a few seconds and then double over laughing. What a great pair they made!

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When Kathy Levine was on QVC back in the day she was like LR who came after Kathy a diva. When she left so many people missed her. People said QVC would not be the same with out her. That certainly was not true. Kathy thought greener pastures awaited her. Well she never really became a grand success since QVC. LR seems to follow the same path. If I had a great job on a shopping network you would have to be a fool to leave. It's not going to get any better. The wise one is Coleen Lopez  on the southern channel. She has been there for ages and I don't think she is going to jump ship anytime soon. Smart woman.