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I recently had a panel job interview, and they pushed and pushed at how "detailed" the applicant must be to do the job.  They stressed it over and over in the interview.


I sent a thank you note to the manager I interviewed with expressing my interest again in the position and reminding her of my experience.  I must have read and reread that thank you 10x before I sent it.


I get an e-mail back from this manager, and she made a huge typo in her one sentence reply and the sentence didn't make any sense!   It made me laugh out loud.  Apparently, the applicant must be detailed, but she doesn't need to be.   I can't believe she couldn't and didn't proofread her one sentence e-mail to make sure it read properly.


Sometimes you wonder how some people get to the positions they are in.

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That's hilarious!  Yeah, don't you love how they stress perfection, yet they can't spell a word? 

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Maybe.....that's exactly why they need a detailed person (i.e. she/he isn't detail oriented). You need people with many different types of talents in a workplace. Smiley Happy

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@Goldengate8361 wrote:

Maybe.....that's exactly why they need a detailed person (i.e. she/he isn't detail oriented). You need people with many different types of talents in a workplace. Smiley Happy



I think she just isn't as experienced and educated as she wants her employer to think.   It was a stupid error that a kid with a brain wouldn't do.



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@hoosieroriginal wrote:

That's hilarious!  Yeah, don't you love how they stress perfection, yet they can't spell a word? 



You wouldn't believe how many mistakes I've seen in this search.  I was brought in for an interview at one place for a job I didn't apply for, thinking it was the one I did.  The HR lady mixed up my application.  She was so embarrassed because she knew the job I had applied for I was perfect for.   She raced around the office looking for that manager only to find out the position was filled earlier in the day.


Pathetic!     I lost out on a great opportunity because she didn't have her facts straight.


I had one interview where the person giving me directions via e-mail gave me the wrong address to her location.   Luckily, I looked it up previously and was aware where I needed to go.   Unreal!

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I once had a job interview in another city, about 1.5 hours away.  When I got there, there were about 10 people around the conference table.  The first thing someone says to me is to tell me the job is evening hours, is that a problem?  They are sorry, they did not notice the omission in the ad or job description until a day or two before. 


So, someone dragged me, and 10 people, together for a 1 minute interview.  Because I said yes, it is a problem, it is not a committment I can make.  I politely declined and got out of there.


For crying out loud, does no one pay attention to anything?  It was such a stupid error, I still wonder if it was some sort of test of the applicant, but for the life of me I cannot see what it would be testing.  Ability to not start punching people?  Coz they sure deserved to be punched that day.



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I once had an interview for a job with the company where I was already employed.  I was seeking a position in another department.


The manager who interviewed me took off his shoes and put his feet on his desk.  I did the whole interview looking at his feet.  I wasn't sure if he wanted me to ask him to put his feet down or not.  Was he testing me?


I didn't skip a beat,  I just ignored his feet!  I did not get the position and never applied to that department again.

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I currently work part-time.   Prior to 'retiring', I worked in HR for many years. For my current position, I first interviewed with the Office Manager.  Then, the Director and then the CEO.   The interview with the CEO was going well when all of a sudden he says, "So, how old are you?".   Now, the Director had warned me twice that he was likely to ask just about anything, so I was prepared for some whacky question.   I was just surprised that he asked a question like that to a former HR person.  Now, I know that asking the question isn't illegal per se, but I was still surprised.


Earlier in my career, a friend told me about a new position in a large company and gave the hiring person my resume.  I was hired without ever laying eyes on anyone in HR.   She did tell me to send them my resume just to follow protocol.   About two weeks after I'd started the job, I got a letter in the mail from HR saying the ususal, thank you for your interest but we have nothing available that matches your background and experience."


Talk about one hand no knowing what the other hand is doing.   It was the best job I ever had.



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Re: Job Interview Funnies

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I once got hired by a large mortgage brokerage in the 80s. I was working there for three  months and had already received a promotion. I picked up  a call on my answering machine one night when I got home from work. It was my firm asking me to please come in for an interview.


My friend had also applied at the same time I did. She knew more than I did and was stupified why they didn't  call her and was trying hard for months to get in there. My boss tells me one day I'm a great employee and do I know somebody else qualified  she can interview.  I give her my buddies contact info and she was hired about 3 days later.


It wasn't  long after that when the head of HR was let go for a number of reasons. One w a s that she had bad feet and would regularly walk around the office in a suit but bare feet.


I once had an interview with a guy who had a mattress on the floor in corner of the office. He explained that he sometimes works late at night. It was his business and it was in a converted house .  I didn't walk out since door w a s open and a secretary was in earshot but, I didn't accept the job when it was offered since it required occasional overtime and I didn't want to know what was involved...