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I am so sick of seeing this couple all over the internet...everytime i see them "looking at each other so lovingly"  make me wonder how Jennifer Garner feels .....


It just gags me.....

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Agree, who cares about the rich elite flaunting themselves. Some can't afford food and gas.

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Jennifer Garner went shopping at Sam's Cllub, took many selfies with fans.


She was invited to the wedding, but decided that shopping at Sam's was more important, LOL!


Besides, she has a cute honey of her own, that she's been with for several years, why would she care?

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I think Jennifer Garner is probably used to his antics by now.

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@Bettyanne  Maybe Jennifer Garner is happy he is somebody else's problem. One never knows

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I heard that Jennifer Garner didn't make the wedding as she was out-of-town filming a movie.


Also Ben's brother Casey was in LA with family obligations.

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Well....... Jennifer Garner divorced Ben and is in a relationship of her own. People move on. I do, agree that the intense media coverage would be a lot to deal with


Jennifer Lopez did jump into this very quickly following the demise of her relationship/engagement to Alex R. She apparently contacted Ben just weeks later! .I would bet that she is a handful. She leads an extremely busy and fast-paced life. Hopefully, he can keep up!



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I think Garner is happy that Ben belongs to someone else now.  She won't have to rescue him from himself any more.  It wasn't a happy marriage.  He was an alcoholic and  she spoke about a "darkness" in him that made living with him hard at times.  I think he's happy now which is good for their children.  Lopez has embraced her children and they have successfully blended their families.  I think Garner is happy with the situation.  Garner has been in a relationship for several years.  It's private.  They don't court public attention or showboat for the tabloids.  There was a rare picture of them together  online a couple of weeks ago.  

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Both  Jen  and Ben  live for soon as it ends they need more.  I see Ben drinking again in the future... just a gut feeling. I think he rushed into this relationship too fast and put it before his  sobriety.  But heck...this is Hollywood! Anything is possible!

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I am tired of them too, especially her half-dressed self.