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Is this a waste?

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I went to the grocery store today and was admiring the fresh Spring flowers in the floral department.  I was asked if I needed any help in choosing my flowers.  


I noticed the florist was discarding a lot of bouquet's in an extra large clear bag.  There had to be over 150+ bouquets being thrown away.  They actually looked fresh and good enough to be sold.  I asked if they were being donated to any organizations such as nursing homes or assisted living homes?  She said no, they were being thrown away. They would not allow goods that were not perfect to be donated, and they would be destroyed.


What a waste! My dad's assisted living facility used to get donations and the residents used to make floral arrangements.  Another time, when he was in rehab/nursing home they had the type of flowers donated and were handed out to the residents (who wanted them).


I can see if this was a food item, that was past expiration the date.

It makes me sick to see perfectly good items... that could have been donated.  I am sure they do the same for the produce department too.  


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I agree with you totally.  You'll see people posting that the government has these rules to protect people and why should the needy get expired food, etc.


I have read that expiration dates don't mean a lot for many things.


We waste so much food.  I'm sure if you asked people who are hungry if they'd like some of that throw away food they'd be happy to take it.


It's a case where (like everything in this country) a few rotten apples (suing people) have been allowed to ruin things for people who would like to not go hungry.


I know something about this.  When I was a teenager I lived with my sister who was a single mother of 4.  We did OK, but there were times when we had to split a box of Chef Boy R Dee (remember that) for dinner.  We'd have loved to have had some of that food.


Back then we were luckier because we didn't have all of those stupid government regulations in our lives.

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So contact the head office of the grocery store and suggest what you've just said here for the same reasons.  It can't hurt and it might change policy.

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@Venezia wrote:

So contact the head office of the grocery store and suggest what you've just said here for the same reasons.  It can't hurt and it might change policy.

I am going to contact their headquarters.  It was too late, by the time I came home.  This is a major grocery chain (beginning with a "J") here in IL too.

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If you contact the grocery store be sure you have someone willing to transport the flowers.  They're not going to have the luxury of someone "on the clock" out doing that.

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I can understand why the stores prefer to just throw them out.  Too much hassle packaging to take them somewhere else, supplying a receptacle for them, storing them or having to take them somewhere...all very labor intensive.  Cheaper to just toss them.

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I'd start small and contact the store manager of your local store.  First I'd talk to the nursing home administrator and get them on board.  Then I'd start with one store and one nursing home location and coordinate something between the two. 


If you start at the headquarters it may blow out of proportion too fast and then it becomes infeasible. 

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I would love to read your post and I know you always have good ideas, but it just makes it impossible with that blue against the white background.  I just can't strain my eyes anymore.  I'm so sorry.

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Hello, Bestdressed, I do agree with you that it is a terrible waste.


Also, may I mention that reading your post in the green font is very hard on the eyes.  Would you consider changing to a darker color or just black?

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Could this have been  one-time thing? Valentines was a few days away, and they ordered way too much .