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I have had a basic IPad for several years. I use it almost exclusively. 


I REALLY want one that gets internet anywhere. My friend has one that she can get online in a parking lot, for example.


When I replace mine, what should I look for? Does it have a specific name? As you can tell, I'm one that is technically challenged. I'm not interested in how something works or basic details. I just want what I want and for it to work. Lol


Any advice is appreciated.





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You should look for one that has 4G capability.  Then you can get the internet anywhere.  It's a fee-based service.

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Re: IPad question

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Assuming you want another iPad, just buy one with wi-fi AND 4G. They cost about $130 more than the same wi-fi only model. You will then need a 4G (cell) provider and pay a monthly fee for the 4G access, just like you would for a cell phone. You will need to determine who has the best cell phone reception in the areas you will be using it the most - cheapest isn't the answer if cheapest has lousy reception.


ETA - ATT at least works month-to-month in that you do not need to be on a monthly plan. If you think you will not use the 4G in May you can "turn off" your payment for that month, and turn it back on for July when on vacation. So if you want to use the 4G only 6 months out of 12 and only pay for 6 months you can do that.

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My iPad uses my WiFi when I'm at home. I bought my iPad with AT&T service. You can buy a prepaid data connect pass from AT&T to use your iPad when there is no WiFi. I buy this when we travel. I don't want to have to pay a monthly bill for that.

You can cancel the auto renew plan if you only want it for 30 days. I have bought the 24 hrs for $5 once when we knew they were going to turn our power off for about 6-8 hrs.


Domestic DataConnect Pass Pay as You Go Plans* Cost

250MB of data for 24 hours$5.00
1GB of data for 90 days$25.00

tablet domestic plans Domestic DataConnect Pass Auto Renew Plans* Cost

250MB of data for 30 days$14.99
3GB of data for 30 days$30.00
5GB of data for 30 days$50.00
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Do you currently have a cell phone? I can use my phone as a "hot spot" for my iPad. You just have to watch the data usage. Or you may be able to add the iPad to your plan.