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Re: Insurance Discounts

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I've been with the same company for a very long time for both my homeowners and auto. Some people I know had the same insurance company as me for almost as long then switched b/c they thought they could save money. At first they did save money but then their premiums started going up so frequently that in the end they ended up not saving any money at all and in fact spent more. 


What is killing me now is my homeowners insurance. Replacement cost of a home is skyrocketing and that's driving up premiums. It's unbelievable. Discounts or not, it's still expensive. 

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We have always had State Farm car insurance, and never had a problem. They decreased our rates throughout the years. When our car was hit by a stray bullet (no one hurt), we only had to pay the deductible, and they paid the rest of the repairs. Our insurance didn't increase because of it. 


My husband had Farmer's insurance a long time ago, and they kept cancelling his policy for no good reason. Maybe they're better now, but I personally wouldn't recommend them. 

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We had State Farm for decades and finally got away from them when they refused to pay us for tornado damage. They paid us $2400 and we were left with the remaining $50k to pay out of our own pocket. We went through the whole process with adjusters, etc. It took two years to get anything at all from them and it was a nightmare. I would get away from State Farm if you have a chance....and the beacon is an invasion of privacy. I would never allow that. We went with USAA since DH is a vet and couldn't be more pleased.