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Good News!  Let it only be the start of bringing down all the scammers everywhere. 

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@bri20 wrote:

The scammers are using computer programs to dial phone numbers.  The computer programs do not know who is a senior or who isn't.  Seniors will pick up the phone and talk to these scammers more than any other age group. 


Anybody younger will not bother with these types of calls - either they would hang up immediately and not fool around with them or they wouldn't answer the phone in the first place. 


They just want someone to answer the phone and get scared enough to send them money.





Hi @bri20!


They've done segments on the morning shows (TODAY?) about these scams.  I've also seen them on the New York City local news.  The numbers are randomly generated. If someone answers the phone or they get an answering machine, the scam begins.


Well over a year ago I received my first one.  Caller ID was Reston, VA and it was a heavily accented man.  He was relentless.  Despite the fact I knew the IRS would not call and offer a settlement for a fraction of what they said I owed, the phone call was upsetting.


The next time I received a call, the ID was Seattle, WA.  It was a woman who seemed to be reading a script, never hesitating when I commented.  Later I realized it was a recording. I've received a number of messages on our machine since then.


I've never received one of these calls on my cell phone, strictly on our landline. 


The scam that targets seniors is the grandchild needing money because he or she has been arrested. 

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@lulu2, I know the IRS calls are very unsettling. 


I've heard about the calls about the family member being arrested.


It's just very sad when anybody gets taken in by these scammers. 

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Hope these scammers get many miserable years behind bars. I'm sure another group will replace them. There are always people who hate to have a "real" job - they'd rather take advantage of others.

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I just came in from walking the dog and found a message from the IRS on my machine.  It was a recoding with a female voice.  The caller ID was WIRELESS.  The number I was instructed to call was in area code 203. This is their last call before they send a federal agent to arrest me.