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I also took one years ago when I was in school.


In various forums when this topic comes up it's always the people who have scored highly enough to be considered a "genius" or close to it that like to share that bit of information.  By doing so it seems that they are average when it comes to human nature though.

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Can only remember taking ACT and SAT for college placement.

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Back in the '60s, my mother was told by my jr hi counselor that I had had an IQ test. If he told her the score, she didn't pass it on to me.


We  had my son tested at 6 1/2 years old, to back up our decision to not put him in grade school. The local university's psychology dept. did it, gave him a whole battery of tests. Glad we did, wish we had known about it for his older brother.

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I know they were administered in both middle school and high school. I also know the results were revealed to my parents (but I was never told) - and they never felt I lived up to their expectations or in their words, my "potential."

Fast foward 50 years later. I go through the weekly grocery circular and make a mental note of what I need - and I certainly don't need to make a written list as I can remember what's what. I drive to the store, go inside and stand there like a fool because I know I came for more than milk and bread - so I just wing it on the rest! The worst part, I play the same game week after week. The day I take pen to paper is the day I acknowledge my not so great memory and my lacking IQ - lol! The good news - I've retained my wicked, self deprecating sense of humor.
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Yes and I was forever haunted that I never put my all into my school work.  A curse.