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Re: I took a spill

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I am very, very sorry to hear this.  Might I recommend that you put some Neosporin ointment on your knee.  As we age, we are more susceptible to infection. By all means, keep your leg elevated.  


I am happy  you were able to salvage the Valentine cards and get them mailed.  I hope your family appreciates what you went through to get them.  


I am not sure a cross-body purse is the answer as they too have long straps.  It 's probably a good idea for all to keep our purses in the backseat unless we are driving, when we need our driver's license near.


If and when you feel like, keep us posted of your condition.  We are all concerned for you.






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I think putting your purse in the backseat is a good idea. I am going to start doing that. I have a crossbody and the strap is very long.  Glad to hear you are on the mend. I think I am getting to that age also were I am cognizent of falls. I was going out to the mailbox the other morning. Our driveway still had icy patches. I decided to walk in the calf high snow rather then skate down the driveway. HaHa! Hope you are feeling better today Shorty. Take care.

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Feel better, take care.

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Pretty sure the crossbody purse suggestion meant to wear the bag while in the car, not to just have a different type of bag on the floor to trip over Woman Wink


@Shorty2U I am glad you're okay, and I hope your aches and scrapes go away soon!

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Dear @Shorty2U. God bless and feel better soon. I began falling a couple of years ago and now I am so careful because I knew sooner or later something was going to break. Egads. Take care !! Heart

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My Pilates instructor told me that we fall as we get older for two that our core is weak so our stabilizers don't work well and two that we wear orthotic type shoes so our foot sensors can't stabilize.She suggests that we all work hard to have a strong core and not wear such clunky shoes so that we can feel the ground.She says that as we get older if we stand in one spot that we will sway to keep our balance when are weak in the core.

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I always think about Judge Judy, who is about 75 now.  She said she asked her doctor the secret to a long life.  He told her to avoid falling is the best thing you can do.

Wishing you a speedy recovery from your recent fall.

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Take care of yourself and feel better soon. ❤
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So sorry to hear this.

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@Shorty2U, I hope that you are feeling better this morning.  Make sure that you ice your knee as well as any body part that is still in pain.  If the pain continues, you need to see your doctor or go to urgent care.  I especially worry about your knees because my ortho says that knee problems are underrated in our country.  They are actually the body part that has the most injuries and has the most medical attention.

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