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I fell getting out of the car, when my foot got caught in my purse strap (I always have  my purse on the floor on the passenger side). Down I went on the cement. I was mailing Valentines for my kids/grandkids and an anniversary card for DD and SIL at the post office.


(Did I use the drive by mailbox as DH pulled up to? No, I inisist I have to go in and put them right in the box inside to make sure the kids get them on time!). 


Well the cards flew all over in the rain. I was soaked and in pain yelling my cards, while DH is running to get me. He had to pick me up. I hurt my already right bad back side and hip. (Where i always get pain on a regular basis from my bad back), and my knee was brushed open and bleeding and my jeans were soaked from the rain! (But they did not tear thankfully, because they are my favrorite jeans!)


Well I felt like an idiot! I said to DH, it finally happened, Im getting old and falling. (I am to use a cane becase of my back but I dont listen but the cane wouldnt have helped me because I tripped from my purse strap anyway).


Once up (limping) I wiped the envelopes with the cards in and mailed them. Half ot them are a mess (wet and somewhat dirty but not terrible dirty). I hope the kids all get them safely.(I let them know)


I did not go to urgent care because I already have back pain meds and anti inflammatories etc due to my bad back. Had I thought I broke something (which I didnt) I would have gone. 


Lastly, as of right now tonight my knee is burning (I had washed it with soap earlier and poured peroxide on it and bandaged it). And I packed my backside and hip in ice all night and as of right now it aches but not too bad.


Oh I also made a joke, its good my rear has  plenty of padding, it probably kept me from breaking my hip! (lol). 


Hopefully after a good nights sleep I will feel better. But really it could have been much worse! PS (From now on my purse goes on the back floor of the car because i tripped over it before getting out BUT never fell until today!).

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I will be praying you will be well soon. So sorry that happened to you. Heart


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Oh my @Shorty2U - Your story and explaination touched me as I worried about you yet such deep kindness and concern to get your sweet valentines into the mail for your kids.... such love. I hope you are ok and sleep good and your DH is good too. Happy Valentines to you also @Shorty2U Heart

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That is terrible and I am sorry this happened to you. You might try taking a nice hot bath in some epsom salts tomorrow. I am glad you got your Valentines mailed though. Good idea to put your purse in the back so you don't have this happen again.

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Oh, no.  Falling is a horribe thing - especially when you have back injuries already.  I feel bad for you.   But, your DH (and he sounds like a very DH to me), picked you up and got you home safe and sound.  


I think you should ice your knee, in addition to your other areas.  You might be sore for a day or three or four.


 And, definitely move the purse.   It is a really good thing you did not have to go to the hospital.   Hope you feel better soon.    







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I'm so sorry that you fell and got hurt.   Glad nothing was broken.   And your jeans, bless your heart.   Oh my goodness, you got up and mailed those cards.   I'm so glad that your husband was there to be your prince charming.   Gods blessings on you and hubby, feel better soon.   PS - I too have to go inside with my mail and bypass the outside drop off.

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Oh wow, what a horrible experience! But praise God you were not hurt worse! You could be in the hospital right now if you had been. I hope your injuries heal quickly and that they don't make your already painful back even worse. It's also good that you weren't alone and that your DH was there to quickly assist you. Get lots of rest and I will pray for your healing.

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Oh, dear@Shorty2U, I am so sorry you were hurt trying to take your cards inside the post office. I wouldn't have used the dropbox outside either, especially in the rain. The mail could get damp. I can relate to everything you described. I not only took a spill I plunged from several feet in the air to a concrete floor. I was literally stunned by the impact and pain and momentarily blacked out. I ended up in the ER at the hospital. Thank goodness for my nextdoor neighbors who knew what to do when I managed to ring their doorbell while clutching my broken arm and going into shock. 


It is almost Valentine's Day and I haven't been able to drive until last week. This happened at night on December 8th. I've been in physical therapy three days a week since January 10th. Thank goodness for friends to get me back and forth to my orthopedic surgeon and physical therapy. My son is several hours away but has been a saint. 


I normally look and feel young so it has been a bit hard to have become a statistic about falling. My tendons, muscles and blood vessels were injured along with the broken bone. Pain and bruising like you're experiencing. It's going to take a while to heal. Take care. You are so sweet to have gotten the cards mailed in spite of having fallen and soaking wet!

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So sorry to read your post, but, thank goodness you didn't break anything! I hope all  those receiving the cards realize what you went through!


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Re: I took a spill

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You need to start using a cross-body purse.  I know Vera Bradley has some.  Anyway, that's what can happen when we least expect it. So sorry you have had this accident.  But my mother in law, would mail cards out to all family that way too.  It's something nice in the mail to look forward to.  So bless your heart for that.  Hope you heal up soon! Rest today, watch the olympics, but no big ideas ok?! Woman Wink