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Re: I think a lot of us are around the same age who

The mid/late 50's were my grammar school years and we had a park next to the school.  We had so much fun at the park.  There were two coaches one for the girls and one for the boys and we would participate in sports.  60's and 70's were changing times with Hippies and the Vietnam war.  However, I would not change a thing.  Grew up with black & white tv, no air conditioning until a certain point and I bought my parents a color TV from my working money after school.  No cell phones and more privacy and respect for elders.  You could not wear pants in class (girls) and definitely no jeans.  Today everything is too laid back for kids.  Today as far as privacy -- what is that?  Cat Very Happy

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Re: I think a lot of us are around the same age who

I grew up on Bklyn also and went to those Murray the K shows too....what fun that was. I still have many of those albums.  

i think we enjoyed the simple things back then.  Since there was no cell phones or computers we had to plan our adventures and we went to all the concerts at Madison Square Garden.  Learning the new dance steps by actually going to the clubs and being able to have a cocktail at 18.  Working in NYC was mostly a mans world but thankfully all that has changed.