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There are a lot of these "I Miss The Old QVC"-type threads showing up here lately.  So many people feel the same way.   QVC is trying to attract new shoppers instead of keeping the old shoppers.  Just my opinion.  Anyway, QVC isn't creative or interesting to me anymore.  I miss the old brands and calmer sales tactics.  I miss receiving quality products for reasonable prices.  


And @Ladybug724, I lived for Jill Bauer's Silver Style shows on Sunday mornings.  It was silver jewelry that attracted me to QVC in the first place.  I would watch the Silver Style shows with paper and pen and take notes.  Great fun!  I still own several pieces of silver jewelry I purchased back then.

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Re: I miss the old QVC!

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@Foxxee wrote:

Numerous complaints here about stale clothing, products, and programming, but with 7 million new customers last year (caused by Covid), QVC is painting a rosy picture right now, so don't expect them to listen to any suggestions.  


With HSN part of the team now, QVC doesn't have any serious on-air competition.  Maybe, that's what it needs.  Amazon was thinking about it, has the money to do it big time, but I guess that idea was dropped. 



Amazon tried something with live product presentations back in flopped...they put it on the shelf, but there was another recent thread about them trying it again in a different format (which they said they would after the first attempt).....

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Re: I miss the old QVC!

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What I miss is what many have said here---the uniqueness and VARIETY they used to the products are limited and selection pretty repetitive.  All the clothing lines look alike---all the same styles hard to distinquish one from the other.....and now prices have gone up and quality isnt always there.....


And another thing is the TSV presentations are too long and they even do them not once, not twice, but somethings three times in the SAME show!!! 


There are a few QVC vendors I still like so thats why I continue to hang around, but my viewership and purchases have certainly declined....

Animals are reliable, full of love, true in their affections, grateful. Difficult standards for people to live up to.”
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Re: I miss the old QVC!

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I used to watch all day on Jan. 1 for the New Year's resolution items.  Smiley Very Happy  Even bought a few!  


Also watched on St. Patrick's Day for the Rose of Tralee, Irish sweaters and jewelry, etc.  


I miss Nick Chavez, Bradley the leather jackets guy, so many other fashion designers.    I used to get a kick out of Jean Bice - never bought Quacker Factory but her shows were fun.  She had such a fan base and with all the calls it was like a big party.


There used to be so many more housekeeping products and I have some that I still use to this day.  There used to be more startup and innovative beauty shows, too.


It has gotten repetitve and I haven't seen clothing that suits me in a very long time.


Well that's my complaint list for today!! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy


PS - do customers even do call ins anymore?  Once when my son was little (wow that goes back) we tried to call in so that I could describe how great my clothes dryer lint brush is.  OMG how funny, and he was so excited.  We almost made it onto the air, too.

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@Growing wrote:

I am fairly new to both hsn and qvc, maybe been watching 5 years or so. What I miss is the better quality fabrics and cut of the clothing but this is across the board at most stores. I don't like the chemical odor on the clothing that you sometimes get. And I miss the models wearing an appropriate size and then showing the entire garment instead of jackets over dresses that hide how the bust looks or longer tops with pants where they don't show how the rear looks or the model never turns around. 

How about that stupid tucked in ******.  Sloppy half ***** wrinkled up stuff.  Wish I could run up on the stage and grab the other half of the top and pull it down. Not interested in seeing the fly,  buttons of a pair of jeans when they're advertising a top.


Hefty mama's in clothes they haven't been able to wear in yrs. squeezed into and holding their breathe.  Mary Beth wearing those pants designed for a Tall girl and she's dragging her hem down to the toe box of her shoes.

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QVC was once unique and different - something new to our lives.  Times change.  Needs change.  QVC has changed. I've changed.  I used to watch QVC like it was a favorite program.  Many of the shows were entertaining and in ways, informative.  Not so much now.  Presentations are repetive and nothing new is added after the first showing of a product.  The QVC of old was always looking for the next best thing.  Now it's always the same thing. 

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I think not just QVC has’s viewers have changed as well, so they are thinking they are keeping up with what the “ trends” are. Problem is, most QVC viewers don’t seem to be very into trendy fashion. I was looking in my closet yesterday and realized how many SG tops I have from when I was working. Love them and they still look like new and I still wear them! The ones she has now are nothing I would wear. There is one style she still sells and adds new patterns to it occasionally. It is liquid knit, V-neck, and 3/4 sleeve and fits me perfectly. No ruffles, flounces, or garish flowers. Now there is very little from any QVC line that I find appealing. Some classic styles that don’t look like you are trying too hard if you are over 50 would be refreshing. I will see if I can find the item #
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I think we all dress differently and I too miss the QVC of old. I wear Linea just about every day, head to toe with jewelry, and with that line being dropped, there is no clothing here on the Q that I am interested in. That with all the shipping mistakes and hassles even before COVID, I find that I am just not interested anymore. 

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And, Lori Goldstein, D&Co, SG and, Quaker Factory are considered "stylish" clothing?? The clothing on QVC is awful overall. 

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@Maine Rose wrote:

I am a long time customer of QVC but I have to say, I really miss the old fashion shows when we had designs from Victor Costa, Louis Del Olio, George Simonton, City Knits.  I also miss the wonderful beauty shows we used to have such as Smashbox, Mojave Magic, YBF, Bobbi Brown, Bare Minerals.  I miss the demonstrations.   I miss the selection.  Now, all QVC has is IT Cosmetics and Josie Maran - these shows are repeated endlessly.  How about new shows and a variety of cosmetics?



@Maine Rose  I totally understand how you feel and must admit I miss the old QVC also. The styles may have changed but I do not dress casually and have no desire to do so. I miss the 'real' designers and haven't shopped for clothing on the Q for a long time. I am not into the current casual designs and I feel the Q is missing the mark thinking everyone fits into the same category.