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I am a long time customer of QVC but I have to say, I really miss the old fashion shows when we had designs from Victor Costa, Louis Del Olio, George Simonton, City Knits.  I also miss the wonderful beauty shows we used to have such as Smashbox, Mojave Magic, YBF, Bobbi Brown, Bare Minerals.  I miss the demonstrations.   I miss the selection.  Now, all QVC has is IT Cosmetics and Josie Maran - these shows are repeated endlessly.  How about new shows and a variety of cosmetics?

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I don't miss most of the old designers as we don't dress like what they designed anymore.  Much of the sequins and embroidery looks dated and matronly.  Times and styles change; they were beautiful in their time but we've moved on. 

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I would like George Simington and Smashbox back .....


Although I agree .. I'm not going anywhere .....

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@Maine Rose  I understand what you are saying and agree with you.   Back then QVC was special.  It wasn't all HOUSE BRANDS that are overpriced as it is today. They were INNOVATIVE, had great QC, many varied designers and brands and was really fun to watch.  So much of what I purchased was unique or ahead of it's time.  I don't find that today and don't trust the quality either like I did then.   

There is so much more competition today than there was years ago,  so I would think that offering unique items would attract more people instead of the endless showing of the same people, products and brands. .  Only they know the direction they want to take this station....   and only you can decide if you want to watch or not.   I know watch a tiny tiny fraction of what I once did and my purchases reflect that as well. 


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Bradley Bayou....loved him.  Bought beautiful leather coats and jackets.

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I would just like to add just because they are "old" designers doesn't mean they are promoting "old" styles.


I really believe these people had a say in the clothes they designed, not this rubber stamp from China designating oh these are for you and those are for them.  So the factories are making everything border or everything embroidered, is it just a coincidence that you can find multiple designer named clothing with the same inspiration??  


Right now, no one is thinking, they are just going through the same motions with the same people because it sells, so right now, the thought process is if it ain't broke, no one is fixing anything.

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 I do not miss much about what QVC sold in the past- either because I never ordered much clothing or because I now buy very differently every where from what I did in the past.  Nothing to do with the pandemic - my change started years ago.


What I do hope disappears if we ever get the pandemic under real control would be all the split screens.  I feel as if so much time is wasted, so much is lost in the interplay with the remote feeds, and we don't get to see clothing on multiple models often.  (I should mention I do not like the split screens on the news shows, the late shows, etc. it's not at all just a QVC thing with me.)

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Numerous complaints here about stale clothing, products, and programming, but with 7 million new customers last year (caused by Covid), QVC is painting a rosy picture right now, so don't expect them to listen to any suggestions.  


With HSN part of the team now, QVC doesn't have any serious on-air competition.  Maybe, that's what it needs.  Amazon was thinking about it, has the money to do it big time, but I guess that idea was dropped. 

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@Just Bling  I couldn't agree with you more.  "House brands" all look similar and IMHO there are more matronly styles on QVC then there ever were, especially in house brands.  I'm no spring chicken but I won't wear them.   The only clothing I have purchased from QVC in the past year are 2 pairs of jeans and 1 blouse.  I shop online more at Talbots, Nordstrom and Dillards.  

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I miss the silver shows!  In retrospect they were my favorite.