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I have lost an inch too.  From 5' 5" to 5' 4".😩😩😩😩😩😩😩


I just watched an episode of Andy Grittith where Barney needed to be a bit taller for his physical to be a deputy.  They used some sort of neck harness and he had to hang from a door frame......🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


I am tempted to look for one of these contraptions or maybe that Teeter Inversion thing or the one where you hang from your feet.  To stretch me back out to 5'5"..........Kind of like trying to unwind and stretch out those old telephone cords we used to have...........




@4kitties  Your post made me laugh out loud about Barney Fife!

l dont remember seeing that episode! ...and, yes, I remember uncoiling the old telephone cords! My sister-in-law used to have the Teeter Inversion machine... although l believe she used it to keep her back straight. ...but I wanted to thank you for the laughs!

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I had a friend at church tell me she was 5'2", I said I was also the same height.  She said no way, you are shorter than me.    I went home had DH measure me and to my disappointment I was at 5'.   Now I know why my middle has gotten larger as well as my hips.  I have had to go through my closets and get rid of my clothes that do not fit any longer.   The funny thing is that I have great bones, but the age is pulling me down, closer to earth.  I am 77 going on 78, so can not wait to see what I will be like at 80.  

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Re: I'm shrinking!!!!!

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Me too and I now take pills since bone density test done.


I'm not that tall to begin with.  Now 5".

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Hi @KatCat1 ... I'm 72 and l started shrinking several years ago! Last time I went to the doctors office, a few months ago, l shrunk even more! I never made it to 5'. Now I'm 4' 9 1/2"!! At my tallest l was 4' 11 3/4". Now I'm over 2" shorter! She wants me to have a bone density test. I don't feel anything is wrong...but now l REALLY feel short! 

I'm now 80 yrs young. Many years ago, I was 4'11 - 3/4". Several years agp. I went to the doctor's office and, for some reason, they took my height and said I was 4'10". I said NO Way!!! So I shrunk almost 2". Now I feel even shorter. When I walk outside to my mailbox - that's when I feel very close to the ground.

Hi @kivah  ... I know! As if we weren't short enough to begin with... both of us 4' 11 3/4!! ...but we could walk together and not feel short! I can't reach anything in my new kitchen! I can reach the first shelf but not the back! When my cousin came over to see my home she asked why my cabinets are so high because hers are lower...for her height (the same as me.) I never thought to tell my brother to have my cabinets put in lower!! So... l have a stool right by the cabinets to use on a daily basis. Oh well... as the old saying goes... Good things come in small packages! You and me! 😊

I also keep a stepstool in my kitchen so I could reach into the cabinets. I could only reach the bottom shelves. I also keep a stepstool in my upstairs bathroom. In my upstairs walk-in clothing closet off my master bedroom, I keep a small stepladder so I could reach my clothes/shoes on the upper shelves. In my garage, there are 2 more stepladders and another stepstool - for when I have to clean the kitchen, downstairs bedroom and bath -- and clean the top of my refrigerator. 

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My height hasn't been measured in a couple of years but the last time they did I was 5'4.  I've always been 5'3 3/4.  I'm 74.  I told her that I must be the only person on earth getting taller as I age.  She measured again and I was still 5'4".   I go back in mid July.  I'm going to have her measure again.  

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I wish my hips and thighs would shrink!

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I was 5' 6 3/4", now 5'4".  Weight stayed the same, so broader.


Yeah, that's the problem.  We get broader without gaining a pound, thanks to "shrinkage."

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DH has shrunk three inches.  Do you think he will admit that?  Not on your life.  He blatently lies on every form he fills out.

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We used to joke about if our Aunt got any shorter we could bury her in a shoebox.